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Elementary, My Dear Watson

science Chemistry funny - 7864173568
Created by Unknown
thanksgiving science Chemistry funny - 56559873

Better Thanksgiving Through Chemistry

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But Mostly in the Lab

art science sexy times Chemistry funny - 7530585088
Via Breakable Emotions

This Method is Way Too Underutilized

Chemistry real facts - 6827151616
Created by Unknown

You're Really Into Gold?

Chemistry - 7081662976
Created by Unknown

Graphene Being Created From Methane

graphene science Chemistry - 7083222272
Via Science Is Beauty

Those Mysterious Chemical Reactions

reactions science Chemistry funny - 8002388480
Created by Unknown

The Mugs of Chemistry

Chemistry funny science - 7972967680
Created by Unknown

Lighting Up the World Like Nobody Else!

Chemistry hydrogen - 6564304128
Created by Unknown

Chemical Crayons

awesome Chemistry crayons funny science - 8177573888
Via I Maeby a Bluth

Pretty Basic Stuff Here

Chemistry draw something science - 6533024000
Created by Unknown

You Have one Nerdy Barista

coffee Chemistry funny - 8060222720
Created by Unknown

Damn Fluorine Troll!

Chemistry Rage Comics troll - 6581671936
Created by Unknown

Christmas Chemistree

Chemistry christmas christmas tree funny science - 7970221056
Created by Unknown

An Isopropylcyclopentane Can Dream, Can't They?

Chemistry dreaming elements test humor - 6230540032
Created by Laura

For Periodic Picnics

periodic table of elements science Chemistry funny - 8319203840
Via Snipey McSnipe
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