School of Fail


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Some Amazing Chemical Reactions

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Boo This Pun, Please

Chemistry science puns texting - 8169727488
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Yes, Yes it Is

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Simple Yet Dangeous

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Sorry to Hear That, Bro

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Lighting Up the World Like Nobody Else!

Chemistry hydrogen - 6564304128
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The Things You Learn at School

Chemistry drug stuff funny science - 7892319232
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The Periodic Ceiling of Elements

Chemistry periodic table - 6206134528
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Some Class Experiments Get Out of Hand

Chemistry explosion fire class funny - 8357131520
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This Student May Be Unable to Graduate Because of a Chemistry Joke

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A Sexy Night of Chemistry

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Christmas Chemistree

Chemistry christmas christmas tree funny science - 7970221056
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Chemistry history funny science universe - 64696321

Exploring the Universe

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Freezing Water Droplet

water science Chemistry - 7117176576
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Get Some Use Out of Your Textbooks

pro tip: use your textbooks as a tv stand
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Know Your Sciences

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