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Yearbook is a book that is published at the end of a school year that highlights various memories, events and milestones throughout the year. Yearbook quotes are a common practice done by High School Seniors, where they either write a funny or heartfelt sentence. 

The Lord of 5th Period AP Chem

goth kilt school photo sword yearbook - 5185118464
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gallery mullet yearbook - 5222879232
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Werkz All Tha Time

facebook mullet yearbook - 5274370816
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Summa Looking Good Laude

yearbook - 5080838400
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What Else Could His Name Possibly Be?

hair poorly dressed yearbook haircut - 8201480960
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The Hardest Sponge in Bikini Bottom

g rated ghetto Hall of Fame poorly dressed school SpongeBob SquarePants yearbook - 6331697152
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Who Put Heels On That Skeleton?

heels skeleton yearbook - 5911842816
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Weaves for White People

weave weaves yearbook - 4568741632

Lovely Lovely 'Burns

retro school photo sideburns vintage yearbook - 6264877312
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Twins Are a Beautiful Thing

cross dressing dress school yearbook - 6304920576
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