Poorly Dressed


Pope Bobo The First

Awkward clown family wedding - 4531866112
Created by Unknown

I've Got A Little Surprise

armpit asian dress hair wedding wtf - 4531129088
Created by Unknown

I Now Pronounce You Man and Wife, You May Now Dunk the Ball

wedding basketball - 7047013120
Created by Unknown

She Looks Like Something Dr. Seuss Would Come Up With

British england hat wedding - 5972953600
Created by Unknown

Here Comes Fun and Funner!

fashion wedding - 7840418816
Created by Unknown

Is This a Wedding or a Gun Show?

tuxedo poorly dressed wedding - 8259546112
Via Bro My God

Nice Day For A Duck Tape Wedding

dress duct tape prom suit tie wedding - 4395025664
Created by cyanidemartini

Match Your Hair to Your Bouquet

hair poorly dressed hairstyle wedding win - 8244882944
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bad idea eww parade wedding wtf - 4169103360
Created by Unknown

"By the Power Invested in My Speedo..."

wedding Speedos - 7111123200
Created by Unknown

Aladdin By Way of Orange Sorbet

colorful dresses matching wedding - 4699494912
Created by christellar

For the Bride Who Doesn't Actually Want to Be Seen?

camouflage camo sign poorly dressed wedding dress wedding g rated - 8240457728
Via chinchillazilla54

Make Peace, Not Style

fashion boots wedding - 7868908032
Created by ashkitty9

A Day to Remember

formal graffiti shirt wedding - 6005427968
Created by ricky_cheezburger

Neon Dial Set to 11

bright neon wedding yellow - 5773683712
Created by Unknown

Uggs. For Your Wedding. Ponder For That a Moment.

boots fashion g rated Hall of Fame poorly dressed wedding - 6254837760
Via Ugg
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