Poorly Dressed


Democratic Senators Dress to the Extreme Left

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Created by Unknown

Nice Suspenders!

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Created by Unknown

They're Growing in Popularity

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Lending a Helping Hand

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Rave On, It's a Crazy Feeling

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Created by Unknown

That'll Do in a Pinch

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Ever Get That Feeling Like You Forgot Something?

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Created by Unknown

A Nice Little Touch

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At This Point, Why Even Wear Pants?

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Created by CannedHam

Do What You Gotta Do, Lady

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Created by Unknown

Slightly Different Marketing Tactics

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Flow Charts For Everything

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Created by _AfterDarkness_

I'm Getting Mixed Messages From This "Angelic" Line

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Created by Unknown

If Your Other Pockets Fail You

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Created by Unknown

Why Not Dress Down for a Day in the Park?

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Created by Unknown
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