Poorly Dressed


Bane-Lines Are the New Tan-Lines

bane batman tan tan lines - 6451007488
Created by Unknown

How Do I Makeup?

makeup tan - 6585128704
Created by Unknown

Fabio, You're Too Close to the Sun!

bros hair tan - 5027557376
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Your Friend Looks Like a Negative

tan - 6678111488
Created by Unknown

Get Some Sun!

body paint punk skeleton sun tan white - 4486481152

Why Modelling Is Not Like Real Life

fake tan tan - 5038717184
Via Izismile

Churches -- Now Clothing Optional!

church girls tan women - 5900314880
Created by maxystone ( Via awkwardfamilyphotos.com )

No, Your Tan Looks Great

tan tanning - 5801052160
Created by Selkiri

This is The Cost You Pay for Crocs!

crocs g rated poorly dressed shoes summer summer fails sunburn tan - 6287927296
Created by Unknown

Nothing on Their Bodies Is Not Glowing

neon tan - 4709502720
Created by Unknown

Jersey Idiots

fake tan gel gross guido hair jersey orange tan - 4330326784
Created by Unknown

Good Game of Basketball, I Assume?

ginger sports sunburn tan tank top - 6261925376
Created by Unknown

The Tan Lines Around Your Mouth Are Going to Look Awfully Weird

Hall of Fame tan tanning - 5160144128
Created by Unknown

Dat Ass! ...oh wait

facebook g string tan tan lines thong - 5026125824
Created by idesewis

That's Pretty Much How I Look Right Now

duck face gpoy tan - 5818262016
Created by Unknown

The Grinch That Stole This Girl's Pride

twitter tan - 6823810304
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