Poorly Dressed


Mimes Horatio Caine putting on his sunglasses... I think we've found a shady spot here for some gifs and memes... Sunglasses have become an almost essential fashion accessory for the style-focused. But as long as people turn their faces into something resembling a bug, there will always be jokes to be had.

Deal With It

Deal With It poorly dressed sunglasses g rated - 8257550592
Via CNC Design

Bra Cat Sunglasses FTW

bra cat Deal With It glasses g rated poorly dressed shirt sunglasses - 5777927680
Created by Unknown

We've Exhausted All Possibilities

sunglasses gay poorly dressed g rated - 7019512320
Created by Unknown

Is That Grandma, or Justin Bieber from the Future?

granny sunglasses gangstas - 6938414080
Created by Unknown

The Sanrio Rave Went Splendidly, Yes

hello kitty pacifier rave sunglasses what - 6257884416
Created by Unknown

He Carries an Extra Pair in Case the First Pair Breaks During a Twilight Fangirl Attack

Hall of Fame sunglasses - 5167666944
Via bro-shit-happens.tumblr.com

What Does a Banana Helmet Protect You From?

sunglasses poorly dressed helmet banana g rated - 8220236032
Via Nick Holmes

Who Has Better Shades?

dogs sunglasses poorly dressed matching - 8216936192
Via Daily Picks and Flicks
kickstarter sunglasses rave funny - 51057409

And You Thought Facebooking and Walking Was Dangerous

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Did You Steal Those Glasses From an Optometrist?

back to the future beard ginger sunglasses - 4175543040
Created by Unknown

This Baby is Warm AND Stylish

baby parenting poorly dressed sunglasses - 8263855872
Via spencerofspace

Renaissance Faire In His Oakleys

costume kilt sunglasses - 4619843584
Created by Unknown

Well, ONE of You Needs to Stop Being Ironic

ironic mustache shirt sunglasses - 6346285056
Created by Unknown

Is There An Animal In Your Shirt Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

hat hipster outdoors sunglasses tail tent - 4375910912
Created by Unknown

Sunglasses Make Everyone Look Cooler

sunglasses poorly dressed monkey - 8074598656
Via haider_ali94


celeb sunglasses - 5742267904
Via the Frisky
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