Poorly Dressed


Mimes Horatio Caine putting on his sunglasses... I think we've found a shady spot here for some gifs and memes... Sunglasses have become an almost essential fashion accessory for the style-focused. But as long as people turn their faces into something resembling a bug, there will always be jokes to be had.

Even a Pig Can Be a Cool Cat

sunglasses poorly dressed pig g rated - 8202743040
Via @tailormann

Did You Steal Those Glasses From an Optometrist?

back to the future beard ginger sunglasses - 4175543040
By Unknown

100% UV Protection

lego poorly dressed sunglasses - 8158650880
Via mattdanskin

Those Colors Don't Run, They Stumble

beer confederate flag douchebag Party sunglasses - 4317325056
By MistyHaze23


celeb sunglasses - 5742267904
Via the Frisky

Fab Rabbit

bunnies sunglasses - 6900896512
By Unknown

Day 5: They Have Accepted Me Into the Flock

pigeon sunglasses poorly dressed mask pig g rated - 8160718336
Via Area 51

Take Your Mohawk to the Next Level

lizard hair mohawk haircut poorly dressed sunglasses g rated - 8234242304
Via Izismile

Renaissance Faire In His Oakleys

costume kilt sunglasses - 4619843584
By Unknown

If Only There Was a Better Way...

hat poorly dressed sun sunglasses g rated - 8257525504
Via Izismile

Damn You Great Lakes!

amazon sunglasses america - 6751429888
By Unknown

I Dunno Man, My Vision is All Hazy and Cloudy...

fashion punk sunglasses weird what - 6415160320
By Unknown

Not Even Sure Where to Begin

scarf onesie sunglasses poorly dressed tiger - 8046191872
Via imgur

Cousin It At The Beach

awesome beard cousin it crazy sunglasses weird wtf - 4651939328
By Unknown

Is There An Animal In Your Shirt Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

hat hipster outdoors sunglasses tail tent - 4375910912
By Unknown

We're Coming To Fab Up Your Town

70s sunglasses wigs - 4671456768
By Unknown
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