Poorly Dressed


You're Out. No Questions. You're Out.

ballerina baseball fashion sports tutu - 6283667200
Created by Unknown

Hair Placement is Crucial

hair sports jersey poorly dressed ponytail - 8294256128
Via Izismile

Sure, Grandpa...

sports jersey poorly dressed - 8397654528
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Face Paint Has Never Been so Apt

basketball face paint fat sports - 6230058752
Created by Unknown

One Of Us Has to Change Before Hole 10

golf matching pants psychedelic sports - 6074930944

Poorly Dressed Olympiads?

olympics Ralph Lauren sports uniform - 6460344832
Created by Unknown

Classic: The Men's Longpole Champions

dudes sports wtf - 4196198400
Created by Unknown

Maybe Try Something a Little More Loose?

bulge sports - 6125630720
Created by Cassy Lynn
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