Poorly Dressed


The Third Reice

hey ladies hockey sports swastika uniform - 5812198144
Created by Unknown

Classic: The Men's Longpole Champions

dudes sports wtf - 4196198400
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Well That's Practical

basketball lingerie sports - 5051717376
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LA Lights: The Key to Victory

olympics running sports - 6391816448
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Maybe Try Something a Little More Loose?

bulge sports - 6125630720
Created by Cassy Lynn

Diehard Fans

hockey hair haircut poorly dressed sports - 8163558400
Via @NYRangers

Hair Placement is Crucial

hair sports jersey poorly dressed ponytail - 8294256128
Via Izismile

And In the... Mexican Trunks We Have

cinco de mayo sombrero sports - 6185806592
Created by Unknown
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