Poorly Dressed


Wow So Fashionable

fashion shirt wtf - 7924538880
By Unknown

Wear Yours Tomorrow!

poorly dressed plaid shirt g rated - 8386162944
Via Izismile

Now You Can Be Unsafe in Peace

accident car driving safety shirt - 6477029632
By Unknown

Maybe Just Go With Plaid Next Time

poorly dressed shirt pattern - 8259700480
Via Ida_auken

Longer Shirts, That's All We Ask For

muffin top ouch shirt short shorts - 6230481152
By Unknown

A Saltine?

shirt - 6031593984
By Unknown

And They Wear it Proud

Cats shirt troofax true facts - 6440667648
By Unknown

Trust Me, I'm a T-Shirt

the internets shirt - 7846150144
By Unknown

Do You Think She's Noticed How HArd He's Trying Not to Blink?

fashion shirt - 7913054720
By Unknown

We Were All Thinking It

shoes robert downey jr shirt - 7740260096
By Unknown

You Must Be an Angel, Because I Think I See Wings Sprouting Under Your Shirt

bra shirt - 5000792064
By David

No Wonder Job Growth is Up

fashion shirt - 7944020480
By Unknown

Now That's How You Climb a Corporate Ladder

fashion job puns shirt - 7835184640
Via theoldreader.com

Woah?! What's With the Bump in the Tutu?

boobs cross dresser scene shirt skinny jeans tutu wtf - 4344678144
By Unknown

This Season's "The Bowling Ball" Trend is a Strike

fashion shirt - 7677242112
By Unknown

I'd Like To See Macklemore in That Granddad's Shirt

troll shirt poorly dressed g rated - 7802523648
By Unknown
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