Poorly Dressed


Prepare Yourself for the Neon Zombie Apocalypse

bright colorful neon scene zombie - 5181110784
By Got'cha

That Sound You Hear Is Your Face Hitting Your Palm

scene testingzone vest - 4725353728
By Unknown

Hair Is the New Eyepatch

hair scene vampire - 5115636736
By Unknown

Huge Crayon, Or Tiny Scene Princess?

oh god why pink scene - 6307760384
By butterflyperception

I'll Just Sell My Tears for Money

emo forever alone job meme piercings scene - 5773446144
By Unknown

I Think I'll Call You "Prickles"

hair punk scene spikes - 5135258880

Double Hair Trouble

dr seuss hair scene - 4877314560
By geha714

Remember: Always Dress Your Age

hair scene wig - 4722536448
By Unknown

Is That Another Soul Patch in Your Pants, or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

collar emo goth punk scene - 5125986048
By Unknown

It's Baby Bop!

green leggings scene - 5001977856
Via sc3n3failz.tumblr.com

Does The Shirt Describe Her Marital Status?

emo scene self poortrait shirt single - 6031263232
By butterflyperception

One Band, One Haircut, That's the Rule

band emo haircut scene - 6284327168
By Unknown

Worse Than Pigeons

art emo goth scene - 4371512832
By Unknown

Glows in the Dark

bracelet neon scene - 4798457600
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The Tale of Princess Scene and Her Most Magical Nose Hair

crown mustache scene - 5031369216
By Angel

Great, Now My Monitor is Broken

color vomit emo pretty colors rave scene - 6280387840
By butterflyperception