Poorly Dressed


Double Hair Trouble

dr seuss hair scene - 4877314560
By geha714

Great, Now My Monitor is Broken

color vomit emo pretty colors rave scene - 6280387840
By butterflyperception

Hot Topic Had a Sale on Bracelets

bracelets collar punk scene - 5075326464
By whoagurl

Love Is Blind

bangs dating emo g rated hair love poorly dressed relationships scene - 5769884160
By Unknown

Someone Take His Comb Away and Shoot It

emo hair scene sideburns - 4774587904
By Unknown

Huge Crayon, Or Tiny Scene Princess?

oh god why pink scene - 6307760384
By butterflyperception

The Pink Ribbon Is for Eyebrow Loss Awareness Month

eyebrows piercings scene - 4777260544
Via sc3n3failz.tumblr.com

Hair Is the New Eyepatch

hair scene vampire - 5115636736
By Unknown

Will Do, Starting With This Picture

emo gpoy scene self poortrait - 6307719936
By butterflyperception

Brace Yourself

goth monster scene teeth - 4960833792
By Unknown

She (He?) Bangs

bangs hair scene - 4994751744
Via scenefailsforthewin.tumblr.com

I Think I'll Call You "Prickles"

hair punk scene spikes - 5135258880

Are You Mocking Me?

hair scene - 6652252672
By Unknown

Worse Than Pigeons

art emo goth scene - 4371512832
By Unknown

Woah?! What's With the Bump in the Tutu?

boobs cross dresser scene shirt skinny jeans tutu wtf - 4344678144
By Unknown

That Sound You Hear Is Your Face Hitting Your Palm

scene testingzone vest - 4725353728
By Unknown
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