Poorly Dressed


These Come in Handy If You're at a Wine Stomping Party

shoes fashion feet sandals - 7833639168
Created by Unknown

Louis, What Are You Endorsing, Exactly?

fashion Louis Vuitton sandals socks style tacky - 6325378816
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Nice Kicks!

ducks animals in clothes sandals - 7104631552
Created by Unknown

Two Decades in the Making

poorly dressed tanning sandals tan lines g rated - 8240392192
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Perfect Fit

poorly dressed sandals - 8386201600
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If the Shoe Fits...

toes too tight sandals poorly dressed g rated - 7309379584
Created by Unknown

Get the Look in One Easy Step

poorly dressed socks sandals g rated - 8368342784
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That End-of-Summer Look

tan poorly dressed sandals tan lines - 8305555456
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Just Like the Ones the Pros Wear

nba poorly dressed basketball sandals knockoff - 8247756800
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Ramen Noodle Sandals

shoes sandals funny - 7589594368
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No, Grandma, You Don't Have to Make a Pair For Me

poorly dressed grandma sandals sneakers - 8273946624
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Not Sure What the Weather Will Be Like?

fur flip flops poorly dressed sandals - 8425048832
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Nope There's Nothing About This I Like

American Flag beard juggalo sandals shorts - 4245369344
Created by christellar

The Emperor is Doing Some Busking

busking invisible sandals - 7795376128
Created by Unknown

Wear With Sandals For Maximum Effect

poorly dressed socks sandals - 8110240256
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The Ultimate Example of Socks-With-Sandals Awfulness

flip flops poorly dressed socks sandals - 8403370496
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