Poorly Dressed


Just Like the Ones the Pros Wear

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His Toe Socks Were in the Laundry

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The Lord Prefers Frappuccino

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Remember These? Yeah, I'm Sorry Too.

90s sandals - 6328474368
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Silly Duck, Your Feet Aren't Prepared for the Summer Yet

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Chilled to the Slippers

bones sandals shoes - 6329404160
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The Ultimate Example of Socks-With-Sandals Awfulness

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These Come in Handy If You're at a Wine Stomping Party

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Floppy Placement FAIL

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Perfect Fit

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Prep Your Feet for Sandal Season

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But They Match My Pants!

mom poorly dressed sandals - 8257484288
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Get the Look in One Easy Step

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I... I Don't Know How I Feel About This

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Fish Flip Flops

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PSA of the Day: Stop the Insanity

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