Poorly Dressed


It's Uncanny

dogs poorly dressed mullet - 8319184384
Via Saucyrossy07

Business In The Front, Princess In The Back

mullet princess - 5920767744
Created by Unknown

Hey, I Got a Quick Question...

mohawk mullet punk purple - 4272843776
Created by Unknown


dinosaurs kid mullet sweaters - 3347214080
Created by Unknown

Scooter Elf Casts "Mullet"

mullet scooter - 5784229888
Created by Unknown

That Mullet Gives Him Hound Dog Ears

fancy hair mullet tux - 4304847872
Created by mcveyla

No! Bad Hair! You're Gonna Hafta Sit in Your Cage and Think About What You've Done!

hair mullet - 7039563776
Created by Unknown

And... There Went My Soul

mullet - 6720974848
Created by guitarmo4 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

One Heck of a Shemullet

hair mullet shopping store - 4252568064
Created by christellar

Ghetto Mullet

cornrows half Hall of Fame mullet shaved - 5096117248
Via nowaygirl.com

Bow Before the Unparalleled Might of Bryan

90s mullet nerd retro - 6281243648
Created by Unknown

I'm Not Sure Which One Looks Funnier

leather mullet punk skinny wtf - 4380239360
Created by D.R.

Walter Sobchak's Vietnam Days

glasses moustache mullet - 5053128960
Created by Unknown

Your Antidote to '90s Nostalgia

90s denim mullet nostalgia - 6214606336
Via Reddit

Flat-Tops: Big in East Asia

asian Flat top Hall of Fame mullet - 5106675456
Created by Unknown

Here's My Wallet, Please, Take Everything

haircut mullet salon tips - 6099873280
Via Polish that Turd!
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