Poorly Dressed


Footloose Was Based On A True Story

dancing mullet portrait redneck - 4579345664
By cyanidemartini

That Family Must Go Through Some Hairspray

80s family mullet - 4118823936
By Unknown


gallery mullet yearbook - 5222879232
Via www.reddit.com

One Heck of a Shemullet

hair mullet shopping store - 4252568064
By christellar


dinosaurs kid mullet sweaters - 3347214080
By Unknown

Someone Loves Squidbillies

hair mullet squid tentacles wig - 6017102336
By Unknown

Ghetto Mullet

cornrows half Hall of Fame mullet shaved - 5096117248
Via nowaygirl.com

Trick Question

hair mullet style poorly dressed g rated - 7706568960
By Unknown

And... There Went My Soul

mullet - 6720974848
By guitarmo4 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Child Abuse

mullet - 6584238592
By Unknown

Werkz All Tha Time

facebook mullet yearbook - 5274370816
By Unknown

The 80's Was 30 Years Ago!

80s hair mullet nascar - 5114949632
By patrick veilleux

Business In The Front, Princess In The Back

mullet princess - 5920767744
By Unknown

Casual on the Sides, Lightly Tousled at the Top

gel hair mullet sideburns - 4946085632
By Unknown

Scooter Elf Casts "Mullet"

mullet scooter - 5784229888
By Unknown

Merm (the Mullet-Perm)

hair Hall of Fame mullet perm - 5153432576
By RJ Levin
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