Poorly Dressed


Both are Designed to Show Off That You Gots the Goods

lingerie men vs women - 6881020672

A Plastic Itch

lingerie mannequin underwear - 4928756480

At Least He's Protected

bald lingerie odd poncho stomach - 5977800960

The Baby's Trying to Curl Up and Hide

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It's Just the Right Size, Honey

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Ray Romano, What Are You DOING

cross dressing lingerie - 4803381248
Created by Unknown

Well That's Practical

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Who Wore it Better?

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Oh No, That's Where My Garbage Bags Went...

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Created by Unknown


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Created by SarahJean

Christmas is Right Around the Corner...

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Fellas, Take Note

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That's One Way to Stay Entertained While Your Mom Shops

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Men Try on Valentine's Day Lingerie

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The Beard Shatters the Illusion a Little

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Created by mischa3x4

Classy Evening Wear

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Created by matiqac
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