Poorly Dressed


Got some blue suede shoes to go with those jeans? Jeans have truly come a long way from heavy-duty work pants, all the way up to halfway up the butt of whoever decided society needs to see half of their bum. So hike up your britches and enjoy the punniest jeans you've ever seen.

Pajama Jeans: Douchebag Edition

jeans pajamas pants - 6248473600
Created by Unknown

When You're Not Sure What Kind of Pants You Want to Wear

jeans poorly dressed leopard print bus - 8217016576
Via Izismile

Canadian Wedding Dress

jeans dress - 6760797696
Created by Unknown

They're Practically Painted On

jeans poorly dressed win - 8285711360
Via pics

Canadian Bikini

jeans wtf cutoffs - 6678129920
Created by Unknown

For Adventure Awaits!

jeans poorly dressed pants zipper - 8381532928
Via Izismile

The Ultimate Ripped Jeans

jeans poorly dressed hole ripped g rated - 8291742208
Via zohbugg

Tadpole Pants

jeans pants weird - 4585270016
Created by christellar

Too Much Starch?

jeans twitter poorly dressed g rated - 8135196672
Via @BigWormShowsOff

Skinny Jeans a Little Too Skinny?

jeans too tight ripped poorly dressed g rated - 7323359488
Created by Unknown

McPants McSwag

jeans knockoff McDonald's pants - 6357075712
Created by Unknown

The Double Jean Helix

jeans fashion - 7852980224
Created by Unknown

The Message You Want to Send to Whoever You Unzip Your Pants For

jeans poorly dressed zipper - 8292811776
Via Acid Cow

Are These Pants that You Wear Under Your Underpants?

jeans fashion wtf underwear - 7844831232
Created by Unknown

Most People Need More Than Sincerity, But Thanks

jeans fashion sexy times - 7819453440
Created by Unknown

It's Like Those Russian Nesting Dolls, But With Jeans

jeans sagging pants - 7066881280
Created by Unknown
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