Poorly Dressed


Got some blue suede shoes to go with those jeans? Jeans have truly come a long way from heavy-duty work pants, all the way up to halfway up the butt of whoever decided society needs to see half of their bum. So hike up your britches and enjoy the punniest jeans you've ever seen.

Why Are You Not Wearing Fur Pants?

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By Unknown

I Think It May Be Time To Go A Size Or Four Bigger

jeans - 5335989248
By Unknown

Where Did That Stain Come From?

jeans poorly dressed - 8381374208
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You are Not a Trend Setter, Don't Even Try

jeans cut-offs - 6870588928
By Unknown

Patch it Up

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The Only Way I Can Fit into a Single-Digit Size Pair of Jeans

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At Least You've Committed to Your Poor Decisions

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By Unknown

I Think You Got Some "P" on Your Pants...

jeans poorly dressed pants alphabet - 8419176448
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They're On Sale!

jeans leggings pants weird wtf - 4512545536
By Unknown

Reverse Them and You Have a Whole New Outfit!

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By Unknown

Something Looks Odd...

jeans Mannequins when you see it - 7138808832
By Unknown

Time For Some New Pants

jeans poorly dressed ripped - 8326225920
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And My Pants are Shoes!

jeans boots - 6684336640
By Unknown

Canadian Flip-Flops

shoes jeans sandals - 6744984064
By Unknown

The Best of Both Worlds

shorts jeans leggings - 7111662336
By Unknown

Someone Really Likes Jeans

jeans - 4316752384
By Electrichaze
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