Poorly Dressed


Hey excuse me, can eyebrows your computer? Mine stopped working. Well whether you tweeze them, wax them, burn them, thread them, or even tattoo them, eyebrows should not be underrated. All it takes is a perfectly solid line of hair above your eyes and you'll be the next viral meme. So learn from these people and take care of them.

Um, Miss? I Think Your Eyebrows are Trying to Escape....

wtf eyebrows poorly dressed g rated - 7889228544

Something doesn't look right here.

eyebrows tattoos - 5694307072
By Spudypieu

Cover the Names and Try To Match Those Eyebrows

eyebrows - 7742384384
By Unknown

Makeup: You're Still Learning

makeup eyebrows girls g rated - 6941223680
By Unknown

Spock Is Jealous of Your Eyebrows

eyebrows eyeliner fake - 4352897792
By Unknown

You are a Cartoon

cartoons eyebrows lips lipstick weird wtf - 4251246848
By StineBumBum

Soul Patch? We've Got a Marker For That

eyebrows makeup sharpie - 6301791232
By Unknown

Need Eyebrows? Just Draw Them On

makeup poorly dressed eyebrows - 8282094080
Via Awesomely Luvvie FB Page

Eyebrows Through Old Photos

eyebrows old timey sexy - 6961358848
By Unknown

Meet My New Girlfriend!

eyebrows cross dressers - 7340848896
By Unknown

Don't Raise Your Eyebrows at Me

eyebrows eyeliner - 5181606400
By Unknown

Drake Still Takes it Too Far

eyebrows barack obama celeb - 7074920448
By Unknown

Setting the World Record for Longest Eyebrows

eyebrows eyeshadow pink - 5125216768
By Unknown

Goth Is on the Downward Spiral

black eyebrows goth lipstick - 5205899264
By fenom

The Pompamullet

eyebrows hair mullet pompadour - 5244079360
By Unknown

He Will Defiantly Be Judging Your Eyebrow Game

jesus fashion twitter eyebrows sassy poorly dressed - 8003496960
By Unknown