Poorly Dressed


Hey excuse me, can eyebrows your computer? Mine stopped working. Well whether you tweeze them, wax them, burn them, thread them, or even tattoo them, eyebrows should not be underrated. All it takes is a perfectly solid line of hair above your eyes and you'll be the next viral meme. So learn from these people and take care of them.

Setting the World Record for Longest Eyebrows

eyebrows eyeshadow pink - 5125216768
By Unknown

These Eyebrows Did a Dime at County

eyebrows funny poorly dressed - 7579240192
By Unknown

Look Like the Innocent Flower

eyebrows makeup - 4704849664
By Unknown


eyebrows hair - 5152148480
By Unknown

I Was Gonna Write a Joke About This Pic...

eyebrows too much makeup - 6514150912
By Hayley Taylor

Someone Should Start a Sharpie Abuse Awareness Month

eyebrows goatee moustache sharpie - 5203514368
By chaoskittie

7, 8, Lay it Straight

eyebrows derp poorly dressed g rated - 6897673216
By Unknown

Maybe She's Born With It...

eyebrows makeup sharpie - 6595242752
By emily

Makeup: You're Still Learning

makeup eyebrows girls g rated - 6941223680
By Unknown

The Important Things in Life

eyebrows poorly dressed - 8168491264
Via @jKarmst

Meet My New Girlfriend!

eyebrows cross dressers - 7340848896
By Unknown

Nice Moustache!

eyebrows - 6653215232
By Unknown

Don't Raise Your Eyebrows at Me

eyebrows eyeliner - 5181606400
By Unknown

Once You Go Tat, You Never Go Back

eyebrows tattoos g rated - 7019949568
By Unknown

Grim Reaper Eyebrows

braids contacts eyebrows goth scary - 4351745024
By Unknown

Pucker Up, Big Boy

eyebrows - 6549253120
By Unknown
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