Poorly Dressed


Most Poppable Hat Ever

Via beckyshangrila

A Novel Way to Guarantee Some Personal Space on the Subway

poorly dressed skirt Subway g rated - 8080886784
Created by Unknown

When You're Drunk Enough, Everything's a Hat

traffic cone poorly dressed Subway hat - 8386899200
Via Izismile

Do Your Makeup on the Subway, Sure. This?

face mask poorly dressed Subway - 8224720640
Via Dump a Day

You're Making My Brain Hurt, Please Stop

bag clever design illusion Subway - 6129718784
Created by Unknown

Those Shoes With That Outfit?

Spider-Man poorly dressed Subway g rated - 8055709952
Via imgur

Woolly Mammoths Still Exist.

fur fur coat g rated Hall of Fame poorly dressed Subway - 5953979392
Created by FLAVIO

Subway Camouflage

camouflage poorly dressed Subway g rated - 8259705344
Via Time Out London

One REALLY Sad Bag

Sad bag FAIL Subway poorly dressed g rated - 7722102784
Created by TolaZajebista

Good to Know

t shirts poorly dressed Subway - 8203922176
Via People of the CTA Facebook Page

That's the Only Part That Gets Cold

poorly dressed socks Subway sandals - 8257511424
Via Izismile

American Spirit

america patriotic short shorts Subway wtf - 4582836992
Created by Unknown

All Aboard the S.S. Mullet

fast food mullet pants sailor Subway - 6486917376
Created by Craybe

Just a Guy in a Fish Suit...Move Along, Please

costume fish poorly dressed Subway - 8197059840
Via arbroath

"Some Weirdo in My Outfit is Texting Right Next to Me"

fashion public transit same outfit Subway texting - 6276658432
Created by Unknown

With Patterns, Placement is Everything

dress poorly dressed pattern Subway - 8169251328
Via jerrylovesbacon
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