Poorly Dressed


Fallen Angel

angel big Bling chain portrait weird wings wtf - 4517686016
By PantyInspector

A Horrible, Horrible Idea

Bling funny - 7604843520
By Unknown

Presenting the Current World Bowling Champion

Bling flannel gangster plaid suit - 5259364608
By mole21401

It Puts the Lotion on its Skin

Bling shirts skin poorly dressed - 7254466304
By Unknown

Dressed to Win: Bling To Me

Bling - 4900949760
By MajorMalfunction (Via www.flickr.com)

I'll Bet He Sounds Like a Tambourine When He Walks

Bling Subway - 7026245120
By Unknown

Prison Time Not Included

Bling FAIL Hall of Fame Jewelry - 5916672512
By Unknown

Christian Bling

Bling - 5347868928
See all captions By fluffysfriend

This Man Has it All

jersey shore t shirts Bling - 7093307392
By Unknown

In Your Face, Flava Flav

Bling necklace - 4968307968
By powerpooch

Why Did You Pimp Out My Clothes Iron?

Bling necklace pimp - 6346305536
By Unknown

Marching Into My Nightmares

beard Bling hat parade - 5233975040
By Unknown


Bling - 3419716608
By Unknown
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