Funny memes about parenting | drakeposting Sleeping peacefully Crying no reason | minding my business, takin shower at 1 something morning sneeze and hear whisper "bless and damn near yeeted my own child into oblivion wtf is he doing

Parenting Memes For People Constantly Wrangling Small Demons

We won't judge you for needing a break.
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excited toddler cute parenting Video magic - 76292353

The Magic of Automatic Doors Has This Kid So Excited

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Don't Worry, Most Legal Adults Can't Turn Over a Chainsaw on the First Try

dangerous naughty or nice Parenting Fail power tools toddler wait what - 5391666432
By Unknown

We Must Use this Information for the Good of All

brain crazy diagram g rated parenting Parenting Fail toddler true facts - 5655007488
By sixonefive72

Even Pedobear Has Standards

pedobear toddler - 6091980288
By Unknown
sports toddler parenting wii - 244487

Wii Sports Is NOT For Toddlers

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Funny and frustrating memes about parenting young children | Food isn't allowed in the living room. His tablet isn't allowed in the kitchen. He beat the system. I quit. child lying on the floor with a tablet and a snack. tweet by Simon Holland @simoncholland Let's get married and have kids so instead of doing fun stuff on the weekend we can go to a kid's birthday party where everyone coughs

Frustrating Memes For Anyone Raising A Small Gremlin

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FAIL toddler gross hospital parenting Video - 78962689

The Secret to a Good Lemonade is Something You Learn With Age

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baby toddler siblings parenting Video - 77215233

This Toddler's Message is Crystal Clear, No Silblings

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accident baby kids are dumb ouch toddler Video whoops - 28936193

That Awkward Moment Where You Know What's Going to Happen, But It's Not Happening Yet

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accident dancing ouch toddler Video - 31986177

Remember the Consequences of Your Quaint Dancing, Folks

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toddler kids parenting - 81004289

When You're So Tired You Pass Out In Your Own Food

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toddler stress parenting Video - 77854721

ABC's Are as Stressful as 123's

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Toddlers Don't Play Around, Son

BAMF Parenting Fail pose toddler - 5328766720
By Unknown
Funny memes about parenting and kids | tweet by thedad My kids are so open experiencing culture. They'll try anything chicken tenders at Mexican restaurant chicken tenders at Mediterranean restaurant. My kid leaving Target after told him 28 times he couldn't have an ICEE.

Roundup Of Posts About Tiny Humans For The Tired Procreators

All parents will feel these memes on a spiritual level
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You Don't Want None of This

toddler - 6321889792
By Unknown
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