Autocorrect, I See What You Did There

birthday cake comes with blind girl topper thanks to an autocorrect fail
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Funny text messages from concerned parents to their kids | nic @nicananti Replying rfarawi_ At least she greeted first. Yesterday 12:10 AM Hey can stay out till 12mid night. Are street girl. Come home immediately. iMessage 1:59 PM 7/26/20 Twitter iPhone

20+ Times Overbearing Parents Took Their Concern to Amusing Heights

Chill, mom and dad.
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weird rant from mother telling daughter to stay in school

Savage Mom Texts Daughter Explicit Rant About Staying In School

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Who Gave Dad Unlimited Free Texting?

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Dad's Been Busy

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Traumatized daughter is somehow in her mom's group chat.

Traumatized Daughter Was Caught In Her Mom's Cringeworthy Sexting Crossfire

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Never Thought I'd Say That

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Say No to Texting While Driving

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When Dad Answers Your Boyfriend's Text

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Multitasking Has Gone Too Far

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Mom Goes Into Freakout Mode, Thinks Daughter's Head Turned Into a Square

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Least Favorite Child

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A Girl's Gotta Eat

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Abby's Dad Will Have to Clear that With Piggy First

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dad uses memes

Savage Dad Uses Memes to Shut Down Thirsty Kid Trying to Chat Up His Daughter

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