"Hanging Out in the Hospital, Chilling. #Birthin'Babies"

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Why Does Everyone Want To Talk Later?

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Abby's Dad Will Have to Clear that With Piggy First

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Multitasking Has Gone Too Far

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Mmm Kentucky Fried Children

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Mom is Totally Savvy With What the Kids Are Saying

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What Moms Are For

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Get It? Brown-E!

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Urgent Call from Grandma

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Jimmy Kimmel's Staff Shares Absurd Text Messages from Their Wonderful Mothers

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Least Favorite Child

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The Emoji Says It All

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It Should Be a Caution, Not an Excuse for Carelessness

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Mom Goes Into Freakout Mode, Thinks Daughter's Head Turned Into a Square

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Girl's dad texts her picture of her weed stash and she blames it on her mom.

Girl's Dad Finds Her Weed Stash and She Handles It Like a Champ

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Woman has perfect revenge response to guy's unsolicited dick picture, and sends it off to his mom.

Scottish Lingerie Model Enacts Perfect Revenge After Unsolicited Dick Pic

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