Did you get that text? No? Well dive into some of the funniest and punniest texts you will ever see. Whether it's an SMS or a clever note, you'll get plenty of ideas how to make your passive aggressive intentions known, or relate to a terrible mistake. Either way, laughter will be had.

BRB, Doing Coke off of a Stripper

alcohol drugs mom mother Parenting Fail Party text - 5579208448
Created by Unknown

Peep Show

Home Alone text - 6205877760
Created by Unknown

Some Moms are Superheroes, Some Moms are Slime Men

Some Moms are Superheroes, Some Moms are Slime Men
Via rrp

Fly With the Angels?

text moms parenting funny - 7797747968
Created by _Cath_
text - 5317635

Mcstudley's Dad Plays the Game of Averages

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poison text what - 60058371

I always suspected Mom was trying to poison me

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Sleep Texting

mom text - 6431171840
Created by Unknown
chores dads help text - 56866051

Christine's Dad Can't Be Coaxed from Apathy

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Tough Love

dads text parenting funny - 7722137856
Via sweetpeamom

A Modern Way to Connect With Your Kids

kids text parenting facebook selfie mom - 8365148672
Via Pleated Jeans

Face Time With Dad

fathers day favorite child iphone text - 6344989440
Created by Unknown

Thanks, Dad. If That's Your Real Name!

Via onlyonereason
drinking text - 56729859

Mom Needs that Rejuvenating Spirit

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Trolling Dad Strikes Again

dads trolling text parenting - 7997329920
Created by JamesOakwood

She's Just Trying to Help

Via @crazyjewishmom

I Guess I'll Just Starve

clean your room Like a Boss mom text - 6368770560
Created by Unknown
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