Olivia Wants to Get Out of PE Because of the Cold Weather. Mom Will Have None of it.

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Do You Believe Me Now?

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Nice Try

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Reasonable Expectations Asian Mom

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Today, Counting Games. Tomorrow, Drinking Games.

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+2 Points for Creativity

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We've All Been There, Kid

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On the One Hand, Proof of Moral Fiber. On the Other Hand, Mind Bleach

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A+ on Effort to This Snowy-School District's Voicemail, But C- on Enthusiasm

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When You Ask a 1st Grade Class to Write Letters to People in a Nursing Home

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Dropping the Kids Off at Their First Day of School

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Also, I'd Like to Cure Cancer

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Back In My Day...

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A Proud Parent Took This Pic

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Satan Clubs Are Coming to Schools in 2016

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Taste the Rainbow

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