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Happy 4th Grader Has the Most Adorable Interview About His First Day of School

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Olivia Wants to Get Out of PE Because of the Cold Weather. Mom Will Have None of it.

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Dog Boy Afternoon

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Louis C.K. Gives Us a Glimpse Into Today's Third Grade Math

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Dad Was Very Open in Those Days

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Nothing Like a Little Honesty This Holiday Season

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Five Fifth-Grade Boys Decided to Protect Another Student From Bullying With Friendship

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Look at All the Pretty But Your Flies!

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Also, I'd Like to Cure Cancer

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She Said Door, and She Meant Door!

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This Kid's Multiple Choice Answer is Hard to Argue With

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Satan Clubs Are Coming to Schools in 2016

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Puppets: A Boy's Only Weakness

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Not Exactly How it Works

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There are Way too Many Continents

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It's Hard Getting This Many Kids to School All at Once

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