Nice Try, Kid

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The Honest Excuse

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Raising Awareness of the Day: Mom's School Photo Raises Awareness of Childhood Cancer

trending news facebook school photo raises cancer awareness
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This Kid's Multiple Choice Answer is Hard to Argue With

funny fail image kid's multiple choice answer on tornado safety
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No Worries, He Passed His O.W.L.s Already

funny parenting image son needs absent note after going to harry potter theme park for vacation
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Reasonable Expectations Asian Mom

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This Sweet Little Sister Loves Greeting Her Big Brother with a Hug After He's Off the Bus Every Day

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Words That Sound the Same But Are Spelled Differently

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Excusing Your Tardiness Because You're on Island Time Still is Just the Finishing Touch

Excusing Your Tardiness Because You're on Island Time Still is Just the Finishing Touch
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How to Make Kids Hate a New Piece of Slang in Seconds

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Kid comes to school with pants that have curse words on it.

Kid Shows Up Wearing Savage Uncensored Pants, Is Clearly Destined For Great Things

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This isn't my "I in TEAM"

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Dedicated Professor

parenting win image Dedicated Professor
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She Said Door, and She Meant Door!

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Why This is, We Will Never Know

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Talented Artist Dad Designs His Shy Son Awesome Lunch Bags to Help Make Friends

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