Parenting Fails


Memebase: Lunchables, Please

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We Didn't Teach Him Those Values

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The Paranoid Parental Double-Troll

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Who Says Drugs Are Bad?

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Double Burn!

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animal memes of pets that grew up with very strict owners

11 Animals Who Grew Up With Strict Parents

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funniest parenting tweets - tweet about kids being kidnapped by pirates and arguing who goes first | Rhyming Mama @sarabellab123 my family were kidnapped by pirates and forced walk plank into shark infested waters pretty sure my children would fight over who got go first.

Funniest Parenting Tweets Of The Week (August 9, 2020)

The funny parents of Twitter
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These Future Parents Get a Terrifying Glimpse at What Their Future Kids Might Look Like

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Things Parents Have Said To Teachers

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Funny memes about parenting and kids | tweet by thedad My kids are so open experiencing culture. They'll try anything chicken tenders at Mexican restaurant chicken tenders at Mediterranean restaurant. My kid leaving Target after told him 28 times he couldn't have an ICEE.

Roundup Of Posts About Tiny Humans For The Tired Procreators

All parents will feel these memes on a spiritual level
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Terrible Kickstarter Idea: Marketing Your Kid For Dates Online

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Taking Sympathy Pregnancy to a Whole New Level

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Fleeting Sanity's Mom Will Win this Eventually!

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How to Parent-Proof Your Facebook

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Back In My Day...

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Funny memes about strict parents.

15 Memes That'll Trigger Anyone With Strict Parents

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