Parenting Fails

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Parenting WIN: That Baby is Going for the Shield Generators!

baby nerdgasm Parenting Fail parenting WIN star wars stroller win - 5270400256

Most Empowering Birthday Cake Ever?

birthday cake disney disney princesses food Hall of Fame lightsaber nerdgasm Parenting Fail parenting WIN star wars - 5300717056
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dancing headphones parenting WIN Video - 25785345

Parenting WIN: Rockin' Out Underground

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Parenting WIN: The Manliest Little Dude

BAMF dad hunting manly Parenting Fail parenting WIN text - 5332502016
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Parenting Win: Turn Your Baby into a Chap

baby Hall of Fame mustache pacifier Parenting Fail parenting WIN - 5328708096
parenting WIN Video - 32710913

I weep for this generation.

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Parenting WIN: That Awkward Moment When Your Kid Figures Out You Weren't Born Yesterday

busted drugs notes parenting WIN - 5220265728

Someday They'll Return to the Real World. Someday.

costume cute daww Parenting Fail parenting WIN peter pan tinkerbell - 5424061696

Parenting WIN: Zombie-Hunting Family Portraits

family portrait parenting WIN photography pictures zombie apocalypse zombie - 5297229056
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Parenting WIN? FALSE. He is the Incorrect Size to Accurately Depict that Character

costume halloween meme Parenting Fail parenting WIN pop culture television the office - 5300711680

Parenting WIN: Fitting in With the Boy

diabetes Parenting Fail parenting WIN tattoo - 5659083776

Parenting WIN: I love technology, but not as much as you, you see...

costume mustaches parenting WIN - 5233192960

Parenting WIN: A Link to the Halloween Candy

costume link nerdgasm nintendo Parenting Fail parenting WIN - 5308206592
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Parenting Win: A Baby With Wisdom Beyond Its Years

parenting WIN pixar up - 5688545536
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The Family is Legion

cosplay family family photo family portrait nerdgasm Parenting Fail parenting WIN Star Trek - 5464791040
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I Didn't Think Young Link was QUITE That Young...

costume nerdgasm nintendo Parenting Fail parenting WIN video games zelda - 5493132288
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