Parenting Fail

Oh Japan, Baby Making Didn't Have to be this Creepy

baby internet Parenting Fail pop singer weird - 5416762624
Via Crunchy Roll

We Look Out For One Another in This Family

caption car Parenting Fail ride scared toddler wait what - 5509388288
By Unknown

Correction: "Family Planning for the Desperately Alone"

contraception Parenting Fail protection sexy alone times - 5436462848
By Unknown

Oh, NOW You Want Intelligent Advice?

funny Parenting Fail g rated parenting - 7614641408
By FrauAdal
facebook Parenting Fail social media tweet twitter Video - 36448001

To My Unborn Child...

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Alright, Nice Pose, OH WAIT

baby mirror pic Parenting Fail whoops - 5276039168
By julianbb

A Lil' Beer Baby

expecting family portrait Parenting Fail portrait pregnant - 5464116736
By Unknown

Super Saver Shipping, He Came a Little Late but as Good as New!

baby box Parenting Fail - 5365200896
By Unknown

That Meme, I Don't Think It Means What You Think it Means...

fap Memes mom Parenting Fail text - 5638687488
By Adrian

This Baby Gets No Respect

baby meme Parenting Fail - 5335967744
By Unknown

DIY Parents are the Best Parents

dangerous DIY Parenting Fail parents safety - 5252503552
By CC_aka_D

And He's Reminded Every Day

Awkward dad family photo Parenting Fail shirt - 5390222080
By Unknown

Don't Forget to Pre-Heat for Optimal Cooking!

cooking dangerous food kitchen oven Parenting Fail retro toddler vintage - 5526403584
By Unknown

Carpet Goes on Sale at Least

children dogs Hall of Fame Parenting Fail pets - 5435591424
By Unknown

Can't Hate That Response

cereal insult logic Parenting Fail rage comic trix - 5440662784
Via Reddit

Make Sure it Gets Plenty of Sunshine Too!

baby costume crying Flower Parenting Fail water watering can - 5444063744
By Unknown
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