Parenting Fails

Parenting Fail

No Seriously, They Have Good Wings. Seriously!

birthday cake hooters inappropriate parenting Parenting Fail - 5583928320
Created by karajo19

Desperate? Maybe. But Awesome Incentive.

allowance celeb celebrity parenting nerdgasm Parenting Fail twitter video games - 5447955200

Nah, See, Daddy Has to Level Up His Halberd to +5 THEN He Can Ascend it...

baby bonding dad Father nerdgasm Parenting Fail tattoo video games - 5530098176
Created by Bob

Hot Noodle Soup: A Toddler's Worst Enemy

accident Parenting Fail ramen smart - 5563437056
Via Things You Wouldn't Know If We Didn't Blog Intermittently

No Thanks, Cannibalism Isn't My Thing

amazon baby costume holiday Parenting Fail thanksgiving Turkey - 5452861440
chores dancing dishes kids michael jackson Parenting Fail Video - 28753409

Do the Dishes as the King Would Do Them

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hilarious funny instances of kids being stupid parenting children fails | 1:37 UK 4h Hello moms hoping someone has advice! My 6 year old has decided go vegetarian. He's stuck with like 6 months now so think 's going stay this way want fully support him but he won't eat vegetables.

Can't Help But Laugh At These Kids Being Stupid

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fight Hall of Fame martial arts Parenting Fail sports toddlers Video - 27283457

The Cutest Lil' Bloodsport

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She Was Always Such a Misfit...

costume face paint halloween How to Dress Your Child Parenting Fail scary - 5591560192

Reasonable Expectations Asian Mom

asian Parenting Fail rage comic school test - 5408438528
Via Reddit

BRB, Doing Coke off of a Stripper

alcohol drugs mom mother Parenting Fail Party text - 5579208448

They Fooled the Doorman, Apparently

drinking facebook Parenting Fail underage underage drinking - 5557546240

For Honor! For Glory!

300 baby How to Dress Your Child Parenting Fail rage swing - 5680244992

This Date is Going to End Poorly

Awkward baby date derp derp face Parenting Fail - 5559298816
Via marcamos

Some of Us Have to Learn the Hard and Sticky Way

accident facebook mother Parenting Fail punishment tape - 5577343488
Created by llama_chic_452

That Sweater Says "Let's Warm Up at the Fireplace"

accidental sexy christmas card family portrait girl Parenting Fail - 5576924160
Created by cayqel
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