Parenting Fail

Can't Hate That Response

cereal insult logic Parenting Fail rage comic trix - 5440662784
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I Can't See Anything Here, but I'm Told it's a FAIL

fashion grandmother mother Parenting Fail poorly dressed synchronized - 5411708416
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But How Does the Baby Get AIR? Didn't Think of That, DID YOU?!

facebook facepalm failbook food Parenting Fail pregnancy wait what - 5441102336
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"Express Yourself" in that Corner Over There. By Yourself. Silently.

discipline parenting Parenting Fail rage comic - 5391833856
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This is My Christmas Wish Every Year...

class education kids are dumb Parenting Fail punch punishment school - 5592228608
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I Will Gladly Oblige!

cooking food help mom mother Parenting Fail rage comic - 5465144832
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Parenting FAILs Gif-Party!

accident animated baby crying dance eating food gifs Parenting Fail toddler wait what - 5531837440
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Oh, "Laptop". That's Your Problem Right There!

computer laptop Parenting Fail parents phone text - 5274076416
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Well, if Spongebob was on at 6:00 on a Monday...

cartoons meme morning Parenting Fail school waking up whining - 5300644864
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celeb crazy things parents say mother Parenting Fail talent - 59427587

Huge Tracts of Talent

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Elmo is Way Too Happy for this Occasion

dance elmo gifs Hall of Fame naughty or nice Parenting Fail potty Sesame Street toilet toy wait what - 5378847232
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Watch the Throne!

alcohol beer groceries Parenting Fail shopping toddler - 5654998272
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This Date is Going to End Poorly

Awkward baby date derp derp face Parenting Fail - 5559298816
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classic door Parenting Fail pulling teeth Video - 27670273

An Old Technique for a New Age

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Literal Parents are the Worst

christmas Parenting Fail present - 5604872192
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That Meme, I Don't Think It Means What You Think it Means...

fap Memes mom Parenting Fail text - 5638687488
By Adrian
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