Parenting Fails

Parenting Fail

BFFs For Your Rifle-Association-Loving Child

gun huge kid naughty or nice Parenting Fail posing rifle wait what - 5435655936

We Will Destroy the Banks and Build Teeter-Totters in their Place

baby classic fight club parenting Parenting Fail secret - 5277497344

Mom Was Never the Same After that Prison Sentence...

g rated mom note parenting Parenting Fail passive aggressive prison punishment scary threat - 5684712704

Thus the Zombie Outbreak Begins

child disease gross Parenting Fail rage comic sick - 5468196352
Via Sofa Pizza

The Colors in the Baby Room Really Brings Out Her Eyes

baby mirror pic Parenting Fail self poortrait - 5600624640
Created by Bacon bacon

To Each Their Own, and to Each Their Fancy Feast

class food Parenting Fail snack teacher wait what - 5423424000

The Things They'll Do For Our Affection...

accident bike g rated injury parenting Parenting Fail rage comic son trick - 5596314624
Via Reddit

Kindergarten Time-Out is Getting Really Intense these Days

BAMF costume halloween kid Parenting Fail prison tattoo - 5312366336
Created by Unknown

Her Superpowers Have Manifested, I See...

BAMF car g rated kick kid parenting Parenting Fail super powers - 5626275584

What Hath Science Wrought?!

baby derp face doll Parenting Fail toy - 5467971840

Sweet Cart-Fort

accident fort Parenting Fail shopping shopping cart - 5563406080

YUCK! Affection!

baby dad derp face gross KISS mom Parenting Fail - 5390241792

Public Parenting News: PARTY BY THE LINCOLN LOGS

daycare drugs Parenting Fail Party Public Parenting News toddler - 5621666048

Yeah, and I'm a Velociraptor, What's Your Point?

family oh god why Parenting Fail rage comic whoops - 5448233216
Via Reddit

If Only it Were that Easy...

baby crying Parenting Fail photoshop quiet shut up - 5255153664

"Funny, the News Said the Weather Was Going to be Clear All Day"

accident baby gross Parenting Fail russia - 5297243392
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