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Lil' Weather Boy Steals the Show

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Public Parenting News: "The Little Thug That Could'

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Apparently, Noah Ritter Made Such a Splash That He Landed a Follow-Up Interview

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Raising Awareness of the Day: Mom's School Photo Raises Awareness of Childhood Cancer

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A 12-Year-Old Colorado Girl Was Arrested for Attempting to Poison Her Mother Over iPhone Privileges, Because #KidsTheseDays


The Kids at School Are Going to Have a Field Day

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Public Parenting News: Exploiting the Big C

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We Present to You... News Tonight Featuring Adorable Kids

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Kids Have Done the Darndest Things on the News

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BAMF 11-Year-Old Shoots a Burglar in the Leg and Calls Him a Baby For Crying About It

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Teen Traffic Accidents Drop off At that Age Too. Correlation?

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The Coolest (Craziest?) 4-Year-Old Really Needed to Make a 3 AM Slushie Run

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Public Parenting News: Beware the Bear

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New Mother Gives Birth in a Cybercafe Then Continues Her Game

parenting weird news New Mother Gives Birth in a Cybercafe Then Continues Her Game
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Awesome Kid Alert: Another Mozart, No Big Deal

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Public Parenting News: So, the Baby Finished the Marathon Too?

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