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BAMF 11-Year-Old Shoots a Burglar in the Leg and Calls Him a Baby For Crying About It

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Twenty-Seven Years After Being Left at a Burger King, a Woman Uses Facebook to Find Her Birth Mother

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If You Know What I Mean ;)

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A Mom May Have Just Placed the First Gay Dating Ad in India for her Son

parenting dating lgbtq A Mom may have Just Placed the First Gay Dating Ad in India for her Son
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The Kids at School Are Going to Have a Field Day

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My Parents are Famous!

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Teen Traffic Accidents Drop off At that Age Too. Correlation?

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Old Fashioned Father

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We Present to You... News Tonight Featuring Adorable Kids

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Hey I Just Met You, And This is Crazy...

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"And I Would Have Gotten Away With it, if it Weren't for You Meddling Kids!"

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Public Parenting News: Beware the Bear

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Awesome Kid Alert: Learning How to Phone at Just the Right Time

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Chris Pratt and Ryan Reynolds Continue to Show Us They're a Couple Real Life Superheroes

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This Kid Rocks!

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