The Direct Approach

Text - Thank you Not Making your Meatloof for being wonder fal Car ing & .. any more
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"I Think My 7 Year Old Is Breaking up with Me"

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kid accidentally gets his parents sexy texts

Guy Gets Caught In Crosshairs of His Parents Sexting Each Other In Profoundly Awkward Group Chat

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Son Surprises Mom by Hiding Behind Newspaper

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Find a Different Way to Express It, Sweetie

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My Phone was HACKED!

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That's a Shovel

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Failbook: The Mom-Dad Difference

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Baby Got Me Acting Like the Dog

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5 Differences Between Dads and Moms Out in Public

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Dammit Mom, That Was Mine!

mom's have no respect for mail privacy
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This Mom Had the Perfect Response to Body Shaming Haters at the Pool

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Thanks, Mom, For Keeping Dad in Line

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I Got It The First 23 Times

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This Photo of a Multitasking Mom Is Parenting at Its Absolute Finest

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New Moms and Dads Give a Free Lesson on How to Bust a Move in a BabyBjorn

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