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I Thought Moms Had Eyes in the Backs of Their Heads?

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Thanks, Mom

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Tough Love Mom Makes Epic Birthday Cake in the Form of Daughter's Drunk Vomit Photo

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Kathryn's Mom Prefers more Dangerous Game

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Highly Hormonal Mom Breaks Down in Tears Over Thought of Baby Having to Grow up

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Mom Approves

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Take That, Dad Jokes!

Text - afternoonsnoozebutton dkf-4 Source: alekshdfilms thisgingerischronic alekshdfilms one time i forced my mom to play pokemon for at least half an hour and all she did was catch a butterfree and name it lowfat mom jokes> dad jokes 178,144 notes
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Mom is Totally Savvy With What the Kids Are Saying

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That's Not Quite How it Works...

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In the Middle of the Day, It's a Toss-Up

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Open Letter of The Day: Mom With Multiple Sclerosis Responds to Nasty Note Left on Her Car

Open Letter of The Day: Mom With Multiple Multiple Sclerosis Responds to Nasty Note Left on Her Car
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Find a Different Way to Express It, Sweetie

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Hogging All the Credit

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A Face Only a Mother Could Love

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Family Sing-a-Long: Text Edition

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She's Just Going To Re-Clean It Anyway

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