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Who Needs Toys When You Have Chicken Feet?

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Mom Documents the Moment Her Son First Finds Out He's Cancer Free

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What Kids Do When They Run Off While Shopping

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Dream Big

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You Never Forget a Good Dad Joke

People - ELL Dad comes home from work, my brother and I are playing the NES in our bedroom. He pops his head in, "Hello boys. Just playing your Seven-Eight-Don't?" We look at him, confused. He squints at the console. "Oops, my mistake-- that's a Nine-Ten-Do!" Such an awful Dad joke, but we cracked up at the time. We were in tears. 20 years later and we still reference it, while Dad can't believe we even remember it.

Where Were You?!

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You Can't Get Mad, They Love You!

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This One's Mine Now

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The Cute is Strong With This One

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If They Can't Make it Through a Photo Shoot...

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A Creative Way to Make Pocket Money

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Toddlers Are Even More Hilarious With Voice Modification

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Look! I'm a Kitty!

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Get Creative With Your Snowpeople

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The Humble Potato: Truly a Hero Kids Can Count On

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