No, Grandma Likes it Too...

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Created by Unknown

Just trying to Get Through Monday Morning Like...

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Right Before Your Eyes

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Let's Go Over the Rules Again

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Sounds Like the 4th Grader Didn't Like What He Saw

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How to Disappoint Your Children

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Created by Chrales

Maybe You Should Have Focused on Your Bookshelf and Bathroom

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Decisions, Decisions...

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Some Kids Really Like Tacos

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Save Your Money Sending This Kid to Art Camp

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She Whips Her hair Back and Forth

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Created by Unknown

"Riding a Snake in the Desert"

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Created by Kirsten
drawing kids parenting dark humor coloring - 1453061

17 Children's Drawings Robbed of Their Innocence After Being Colored By Perverted Adults

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Remembering Standing on Dad's Feet to Dance?

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They Know Exactly What to Do

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The New Karate Kid

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