Saved by the Buoyancy of Turkeys

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Hmm, Something Tells Me This Ain't Gonna Fly

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Done For the Day

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This Precious Child Left a Note of Warning on Their Homework

image homework parenting This Precious Child Left a Note of Warning on Their Homework
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Maybe if You Squint...Nope, Still Nope

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This Kid Gets It

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Didn't Think This One Through

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Time to Look for a New School

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What Are They Teaching Our Children?

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LOZOOT's Dad Made Biology Homework Way Creepier

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Smart Kid

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Now Use the Word in an Sentence...

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Not Too Rough, Please

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And No Salad Until You've Finished Your Dessert

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Things Were Simpler Out on the Farm

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This Kid Answered Correctly in All Possible Ways

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