This Kid's Multiple Choice Answer is Hard to Argue With

funny fail image kid's multiple choice answer on tornado safety
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Thanks Olaf

alphabet education g rated Hall of Fame Han Solo homework nerdgasm parenting Parenting Fail school star wars - 5659119872
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Seems Legit

mom forgery homework - 6665505536
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Everything's a Joke to This Kid

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This Kid Gets It

childrens-writing homework - 6823828992
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What? You Said "Name Them!"

homework names g rated School of FAIL Parenting FAILS - 7158999296
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Things Were Simpler Out on the Farm

accidental sexy bird education homework Parenting Fail school - 5561703680
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Kids Always Ask the Important Questions

homework kids parenting - 7899849728
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Way to Show Some Compassion, Kid

childrens-writing homework dogs g rated Parenting FAILS - 6959667456
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Words That Sound the Same But Are Spelled Differently

homework school kids parenting - 8149066752
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crazy things parents say homework mom video games - 57984259

And No Salad Until You've Finished Your Dessert

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Nice Try, Kid

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Just Don't Blast Off!

drawing kids rocket school parenting homework - 8316786688
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Giving Your Kid a Little TOO Much Homework Help

homework kids parenting g rated - 8358073856
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That Would Merit a Frowny Face

frown kids homework school parenting - 8163248896
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Children's Interests Change Over Time

kids homework parenting princess reading g rated - 8116321792
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