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NeverUsing ChapstickAgain's Dad Needs to Separate his from Everyone Else's

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Hide Your Kids (From that Purple Dinosaur)

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And That's Why You Don't Play with Babies Right After Feeding Them

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Technically That Water is Sanitary. I Hope.

gross kids are dumb Parenting Fail toilet whoops - 5493441536
By Kristen
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One Woman's Story of Her Creepy Father in-Law is Enough to Make Your Palms Sweaty Next Time You Open Your Own Facebook Inbox

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Thus the Zombie Outbreak Begins

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Why Record Your Own Kid at Their Dance Recital When You Could Just Record Their Teacher's Butt Shaking?

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Parenting Tales from the Social Networks

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By Unknown

No Smoking, But Numbers One and Two Are TOTALLY Okay

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Alright Tennyson, Well Played

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By Unknown

There's a Heart in there Somewhere, but that's Unconfirmed

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By Unknown

Caught in the Act

Awkward baby family portrait feet gross Parenting Fail - 5590919680
By Unknown

Horrifying Moment of the Day

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By Unknown
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The Secret to a Good Lemonade is Something You Learn With Age

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