This Is a Handprint of Bacteria From an 8-Year-Old Who Just Got Back From Playing Outside

science kids image This Is a Handprint of Bacteria From an 8-Year-Old Who Just Got Back From Playing Outside
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It's Time to Cut You Off, Sorry

accident baby gross milk Parenting Fail spit whoops - 5654739712
By John
au naturale crazy things parents say grandmother grandparents have sex too gross - 59169027

Then We All Must Erase That From Our Minds

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The Secret Ingredient to This Popeye's Location is Not Something Anyone Wanted

fail image family dinner ruined by Popeye's chicken fried rat head
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Leave it to Kids to Find a Poop Joke in Everything

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Technically That Water is Sanitary. I Hope.

gross kids are dumb Parenting Fail toilet whoops - 5493441536
By Kristen

Color By Numbers! (NOTE: There is Only One Number for All of That)

baby bathroom coloring book diagram diaper diaper change diapers g rated gross oh god why parenting Parenting Fail poop - 5540457984
By Unknown
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These Sensations, What is this Vile Substance?

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PolydacCat's Dad Expects Things to Get Complicated Quickly

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Don't Think About That Too Hard, You'll Get an Aneurysm

gross lady bits memories mother nostalgia oh god why Parenting Fail rage comic toy - 5508819200
By Unknown
Parents share stories of the most messed up things they've found on their kids browsing histories.

40 Parents Share the Most Messed Up NSFW Things They've Found On Their Kids' Browsing History

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With a Name Like That, You Had it Coming

baby names g rated gross names parenting Parenting Fail poop troll weird yahoo answers - 5530921984
By Unknown
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This Dog Is Either Really Excited or REALLY Upset About Finding Out a Baby is Coming Home

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Big Brother Gets a Surprise When He Plays With the New Baby

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Alright Tennyson, Well Played

education gross Hall of Fame Parenting Fail poem poetry poop school weird - 5407198208
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butter crazy things parents say food gross sister - 59231491

Regrubezeehc's Dad Just Needed a Snack

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