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And Then, You'll be a Man, My Son

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Poppycock and Hogswoggle!

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By aSnakeLovinBabe (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

I Don't See the Problem

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By Unknown

How You Know You Married the Right Person

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By Unknown
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Thought Stream: That's Hilarious, That's Heartbreaking, That's a LOT of Chickens

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Mom and Dad: Now It's Your Turn!

funny real life version of calvin and hobbes
Via Niknaks Blog
Clever dad plays haircut prank with son on his wife and she freaks out.

Clever Dad Plays Devious Haircut Photoshop Prank on His Wife

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What Do Kids Have in Common With Your College Buddies?

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Via therankspoon

Mommy Needs More Ciggies

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By shchambers
moments and memes that prove kids are indeed funny little creatures

29 Moments That Prove Kids Are Funny Creatures

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Isn't it Past Your Bedtime?

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Knowledge Passed Down Through Generations

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By Unknown

You Gotta Kiss a Lot of Frogs

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By Unknown

Kids Really Love Cheese Balls

so good you can't escape getting your head stuck in the jar
Via EfYouPayME
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Who Cares About the Dumb ol' Baby Anyway!?

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Reddit of The Day: People Share Their Biggest "Sh*t, My Parents Were Right" Moments

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