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Little Girl Uses Black Magic to Get Back at Mean Girls

mean girls funny g rated parenting - 7574839040

Eye of the Tiger (Cub)

Babies parenting perfectly timed funny - 7792828928
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Spidertot Waits for the Call

kids kids in costumes Spider-Man funny - 7675367424

Hey, That TV Isn't Gonna Watch Itself

sports clever TV Father funny - 7435541248

There's No Time! Just Throw the Baby!

Babies funny dinosaurs - 7588814848
Funny tweets with unexpected endings and plot twists | Paul Follow @FrenulumBreve licking lips anticipation nervous never done bungee jump before. INSTRUCTOR: don't lick my lips again.

20+ Tweets Featuring Amusing Plot Twists

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Daughter Sends Dad a Bill for Fixing His Laptop

dads daughters funny g rated parenting - 7592313088

Equus: The Toy

funny parenting - 7677548544

Daily Dilemma

pregnancy parenting Memes funny - 7797834496
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school kids teacher dark humor funny - 1573381

Kid Thanks Teacher for Pushing Them to Achieve Their Goals In Unbelievably Dark-Humored Card

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Pregnancy Announcement for Quadruplets

teenage mutant ninja turtles quadruplets funny - 7568332800
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Be Careful Where You Point That Thing

potty training funny - 7494276608

Motivational Note

parenting notes funny - 7734496000
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Seems a Little Harsh

moms funny - 7482578176

Well Played, Kid

kids parenting funny - 7709874432
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The Car Seat Your Child Deserves

car seat Babies parenting batman funny g rated - 7775035136
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