Love is All You Need, Right?

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accident crazy things parents say food thanksgiving whoops - 59009283

Never Trust a Turkey Fart

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Say Whaaaaaaaat?

derp food gross ice cream messy Parenting Fail - 5464494592
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Part Mexican, Italian and Chinese

baby parenting food - 8794013184
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I Wanted the Ninja Turtles Ravioli Anyway

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Proof That The Same Bribe Will Stop a Little Girl From Crying is an Older One Too

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Remember, Cookies Are a Sometimes Food

Cookie Monster kids parenting food - 8002672128
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Best Mom Ever

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Thanks to One Kid's Dedication, His Parents Now Have a 24-Carrot Kitchen

funny parenting image kid puts carrots all over kitchen
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The Sweetest Part of This Treat it's Exactly How the Birthday-Kid Designed It

parenting win image mother makes cakes exactly as birthday kid designed it
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You've Got the Wrong Guy! I Was Framed!

baby caught food fridge kitchen mess Parenting Fail trouble - 5439653888
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What's In There Then?

lunch food notes funny g rated parenting - 7455608576
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You Have to Start Early to Make it In This Career

dreams fast food food job McDonald's naughty or nice Parenting Fail toy - 5527018240
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Do You Remember Your First Time?

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food kids reaction parenting Video - 74853121

Watch the Reactions From These American Kids Trying Dinners From Around The World

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That, Son, Is What We Call a "Food Coma"

cake food eating - 7414511616
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