Obama Bit My Finger!

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Just What I Always Wanted!

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These Babies FAILed At Christmas

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You Can't Just Toss Around Sibling Nicknames Around Mom

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What? It's an Economical Solution.

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Something Tells Me Santa Won't Come Through

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Working on The True Christmas Spirit

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Lazy Parents

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Still Feeling the Sting?

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...But Scratching Them Is the Best Part...

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Already Getting Into the Spirit!

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Your Kid Had a One-Line Solo, Sit Down Already

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Do You Think Santa Has Amazon Prime?

Text - Dear 5 I'm quad. ta, Hou are you Here is whatwarnt or Cheistmas Ahttp/ conf P/protoctBo032HF6 Vrekes hpsbw_g2t_ iro3?pfnATUP DKIKKODER&PEd S Cter-3&_dr=ixy 4-2H1K03Y73MWANM PErd101p_cd_pz13199 o1542&PEi
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Just Give it a Minute....

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Parent of the Day: Grinchy Dad Steals Christmas and Throws Gifts in the Fire

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It Really Makes it Feel Like He's Here!

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