Sometimes Santa is a More Effective Disciplinarian

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Some Kids Are Scared of Santa...

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Even Santa Needs a Little Help Sometimes, Kids

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Watch This Little Boy Get the Christmas Present He's Always Wanted: a Younger Sibling!

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Make Sure Your Kids Believe Strongly Enough That Elf on a Shelf is Real, and to Call 911 if They Mess One Up

christmas news little girl touches elf on a shelf and fears she ruined christmas so she calls 911
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On the First Day of Christmas My Father Gave to Me, One Black Eye!

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This Kid Isn't Impressed With Your Christmas Ornament

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Santa Grants This Solider's Daughter's Wish Right in the Mall

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I Guess This Won't Be Next Year's Card...

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The "Elf on the Shelf" Game Turns Morbid...

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Finally Something For All the Constipated Kids!

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A Christmas Pole Dance for the Kiddies

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I Know that Holiday Feeling, Little Lady

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...But Scratching Them Is the Best Part...

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The Heartwarming Decision Made By These Children Will Remind You What the Holiday Season is Really About

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And That's Why Dad Has Twenty Ties

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