Four-Year Old Mastermind

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Our Hunger Will Never Be Satiated

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By Unknown

But What Am I Supposed to Do With All This Leftover Candy!

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By Unknown

Man This Kid is Smart

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By Unknown
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Make Them Work for that Sugar Rush!

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Always Remember Where You Hide Things...

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That's One Way to Put a Whole in Your Kids' Teeth

That's One Way to Put a Whole in Your Kids' Teeth
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Mark Ruffalo Gets Mauled By Children When He Tells His Kids He Ate All Their Candy

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Dinner: Spoiled

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By Unknown

So Sweet (Pun Intended)

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Sorry Kids, Jimmy Kimmel Told Your Parents if They Eat All Your Halloween Candy They'll Get to Be on TV!

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Pedobear, Pls!

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By Unknown
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Is Giving a Kid a Warhead Candy For the First Time the New Lemon?

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Please! Take All My Candy!

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By Unknown
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If You're the Kind of Mom That Steals Candy From Kids on Halloween, You Should Double Check for Cameras

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Thanks For Sharing....

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