Some Times You Feel Like a Nut

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Small Talk With a Small Human

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Every Baby Know the Scientific Method

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Even The Rock Knows That Parenting is Equal Parts Values and Poop

funny fail image The Rock's daughter poops on him after Labor Day philosophy talk


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Is That?...

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The Circle of Life

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Baby's Best Friend

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Achievement Unlocked!

Babies diapers baby clothes g rated Parenting FAILS - 6955272448
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But Wait! There's More!

Babies poop Parenting FAILS - 7074306560
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I Swear, I Just Put Him Down For One Second...

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My Parents Wrestle Like Rabbits!

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The Family That Naps Together

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It's the Story of a Baby with Bubbles

Babies bath time bubbles funny - 7683532288
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Thanks For the Help

Babies parenting funny - 7404230656
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The Happiest Moment of a Parent's Life

Babies Aliens funny parents - 7677346816
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