Baby Food? Check! Ear Plugs? Check!

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The Struggle is Real as a Baby Attempts to Try on a Rain Boot

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Horrendously Sharp, Without Fail

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Go Get the Sponge

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Get 'em While They're Young

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The Cutest Baking Competition That You Will Ever See

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Force Your Interests on Them

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Now Let's Try a Mohawk!

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The Struggle Is Real as This New Dad Attempts to Change a Diaper Without Throwing Up

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Are You Prepared?

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Get a Clue, Mom

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Sneezing Like Daddy

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These Parents Are the Real MVPs

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One of You Has to Be Adopted

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What? Hats Were Made to Keep Babies Warm!

hats trolling parenting What? Hats Were Made to Keep Babies Warm!
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