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What Happens When a Dad Asks the Internet to Photoshop His Baby?

Questionably-named Redditor c%mtruck received these instructions from his wife: "If you're going to use pictures of our son [on the internet], PLEASE don't post it under your c%mtruck username."
So much for that. C%mtruck got the ball rolling with a few of his own ideas, and then the internet was off and running.

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memes news The Internet Had No Problem Telling This "Identical" Mom and Daughter Apart
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This mom and daughter are clearly taking inspiration from a viral picture of a young lady, her twin and her mom. No one could tell the difference between the mom and daughters. Apparently the same has been said of Donna Galt and her teenage daughter Mya.

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Although in this case, someone saying it doesn't make it true. But hey, they still got on TV. This was a top story on ITV's 'This Morning' who just can't tell the difference between these two. 

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The overwhelming response looked kind of like this:

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