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Memes are basically just hilarious inside-jokes on the internet that are the only source of joy for some people. Without memes, they're lost. So don't be like them, and make sure you always have memes at the ready.

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32 Pun-Filled Memes And Corny Jokes

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The Internet Is Asking, Which Suburban White Mom Are You?

moms personality memes The Internet Is Asking, Which Suburban White Mom Are You?
Via @TweetLikeAGirI

His Parents Are So Proud

parenting Memes facebook kids - 7873097728
Created by davebag89
baby parenting Memes Video crying - 84065025

This Baby Feels Exactly As We All Do About the Duck Army Now

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Say It Ain't So

Babies Memes parenting - 8819445504
Via winkgo
Memes - 80449281

UPDATE: Little Hercules Has Walked Away from the Gym to Pursue a Career as a Stuntman

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lots of dad joke memes and web comics to celebrate father's day.

32 Dad Jokes In Celebration of Father's Day

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Dad for the Win

dads Memes penguins parenting - 7944480256
Created by Raincat888

Much Cheaper Than Those Special Playmats

kids Memes lego success kid parenting g rated - 7890637056
Via Daily Picks and Flicks

Go Get the Sponge

Babies parenting Memes funny - 7799112704
Created by MaLinLin

That Meme, I Don't Think It Means What You Think it Means...

fap Memes mom Parenting Fail text - 5638687488
Created by Unknown

How Many Times Do We Have to Go Through This?

parenting Memes - 8819478272
Via izismile

He STILL Hasn't Adjusted!

Babies parenting Memes - 7884147200
funny feminist housewife memes from the 50's

20 Hilarious Housewives Memes From The 1950's

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Kids being stupid and weird | Enormous Earl @enormous_earl 12 tried cheat at poker by pulling some cards out nearby deck nobody looking grabbed 3 kings and put them my hand, discreetly hiding cards replacing. So then there holding out my 5 cards: 3 with red backs, 2 with blue backs | won't let him eat bathroom garbage snapchat of kid crying

Moments that Show the Weird Dumbness of Children

They're not smart.
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Empty Nesters Are the Worst

parenting Memes - 8817027072
Via joannecasey

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