Parenting Fails


Memes are basically just hilarious inside-jokes on the internet that are the only source of joy for some people. Without memes, they're lost. So don't be like them, and make sure you always have memes at the ready.

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But That's What the Internet Says!

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Dad for the Win

dads Memes penguins parenting - 7944480256
Created by Raincat888

Beware of Memebois

funny memes boys care about memes
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Funny image of a puppy in a shopping cart with a lot of bottles of alcohol - cover photo for a list of funny memes of women bringing home dogs when they weren't meant to

9 Times Wives Told Their Husband That They Now Own A Puppy

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Funny memes about parenting, having kids | my kid threatens not talk rest day Jon Hamm laughing | my kid trips over toy asked him pick up 100 times Justin Timberlake giggling

Parenting Memes For Anyone Who's Considered Putting Their Kids Up For Adoption

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Your Move, Anti-Vaxxers...

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baby cute bread Memes list - 781573

This Squishy Japanese Meme Compares a Chubby Baby's Arm to Bread

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Go Get the Sponge

Babies parenting Memes funny - 7799112704
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Should've Worn a Helmet

bicycle parenting Memes bike - 8822979328
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Even Better, Explaining That You WORKED For LOLcats...

card growing up Memes memories parenting Parenting Fail the internet - 5595943424

If You Look Closely, You'll See He's Also Walking Backwards

school parenting Memes - 8973044992
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Needs More Alowance

kids parenting Memes Scumbag Steve - 8804242176
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Empty Nesters Are the Worst

parenting Memes - 8817027072
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funny puns, clever dad jokes and memes | tawdry hepburn [dumb bitch hour eraserheadbabby my friend gave birth her car on way hospital and her husband named kid Carson and if don't think 's best dad joke ever get out my face | Planes were invented 1903 Trains were invented 1804 Babies before 1804 :

Dad Jokes, Puns and Other Clever Memery

Bring it on.
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Success Kid: Easy Piecey

age Memes puzzles success baby - 5916763136
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Sometimes Kids Are Like Your Jerk Friends

kids parenting Memes funny g rated - 7722132224
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