Memes are basically just hilarious inside-jokes on the internet that are the only source of joy for some people.

Wow, that went dark fast.


What Happens When a Dad Asks the Internet to Photoshop His Baby?

Questionably-named Redditor c%mtruck received these instructions from his wife: "If you're going to use pictures of our son [on the internet], PLEASE don't post it under your c%mtruck username."
So much for that. C%mtruck got the ball rolling with a few of his own ideas, and then the internet was off and running.

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memes burgers pawpaw Sad Pawpaw Had a Giant Cookout and He Isn't Sad Anymore!
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Hey, remember that sad Pawpaw who ate a lonely burger when only one of his grandkids came to dinner?  Of course you do, because he later promised to host a cookout for everyone. 

Well, he did! And it worked out. 

via @tamerra_nikol

via @vickybumgarner

Well, except that his grandkids failed him once again:

via @mikflawless