Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Say 'Ho Ho Ho, I Love You'

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Created by Unknown

So Saxy it Hurts

Music sax puns funny - 7645096448
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With A Little Milk and Honey

hello puns lionel richie tea - 7984961792
Created by Unknown

Cray F**h in Paris

puns kanye west Jay Z - 7113836544
Created by Unknown

I C Wat U Did Thur

puns will smith - 7367989248
Created by Unknown

Get It? Blu-Ray!

puns ray charles - 7136157696
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Music 2Pac puns funny - 7625348608
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Give it a Second...

Music puns funny g rated - 7470663424
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Salsa Verdi

Music puns funny - 7514447360
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Beet Farming

dr dre puns - 7961825280
Created by Unknown

Vince Neil? Is That You?

puns heavy metal - 7064117248
Created by Unknown

Mac n Cheese

food puns Macklemore - 7984684544
Created by Unknown

The perfect Marketing Pun Doesn't Exi---

store sign pun that is absolutely perfect - strumming my pain with his fingers, living the world with his word, grilling me softly with his tongs
Via eBaum's World

Guitar Puns

guitar puns facebook Music g rated - 7729482240
Created by babybear2810

Can You Even Handel It?

Bach classical handel puns - 6507931904
Created by Unknown

A Chalkboard Flamewar Starter, How Convenient

rock rap puns - 7781400832
Created by Unknown
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