Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Shakedown, Nigel Seventy-Nine

smashing pumpkins puns nigel thornberry Music FAILS g rated - 7026635008
By Unknown
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All Minecraft Fans Have Thought This at Some Point

pink floyd puns minecraft - 7382420480
By Unknown

Get It? Blu-Ray!

puns ray charles - 7136157696
By Unknown
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Not U2

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Do You Even Classic Rock?

classic rock puns - 7021626368
By Unknown

She's Up All Night For Good Fun, We're...

gifs puns daft punk funny - 7734339584
By Tim


classical music johann sebastian bach puns - 7257137920
By EternalMind

Fun With Puns

the beach boys puns frank zappa snoop dogg - 7303100416
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Pablo Pun-ey

kid a puns radiohead - 7116715776
By Ccorko

It Sure Can

Music star wars puns funny - 7586784256
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Drop the Bass

dubstep pun puns skrillex - 5839518464
By Unknown

Knock Knock...

puns snoop dogg Music FAILS g rated - 7074544384
By Unknown

Salsa Verdi

Music puns funny - 7514447360
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Metal Fans Like Puns Too

metal Music puns fans funny - 7455526656
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Say 'Ho Ho Ho, I Love You'

beyoncé puns - 7982975232
By Unknown
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