Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Drop the Bass

dubstep pun puns skrillex - 5839518464
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Music 2Pac puns funny - 7625348608
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Salsa Verdi

Music puns funny - 7514447360
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"My Friends All Listen to Rock... I Don't Understand What All the Fuss Is"

puns headphones - 6978041088
By Unknown

Lennon Party!

All you need is love comic cooking john lennon lennon love puns - 5838776832

The perfect Marketing Pun Doesn't Exi---

store sign pun that is absolutely perfect - strumming my pain with his fingers, living the world with his word, grilling me softly with his tongs
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Fun With Puns

the beach boys puns frank zappa snoop dogg - 7303100416
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Instrumental Worries

guitar Music piano puns funny - 7459205376
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Who Turned Out the Lights?

puns cee lo - 7367985664
By Unknown

Don't Let Him Near Your Halloween Decorations

Ozzy Osbourne puns - 8005665792
By Unknown

Name That Tune

ice ice baby Vanilla Ice puns Music FAILS g rated - 6897796096
By Unknown

Music FAILS: These Puns B Sharp

classical facebook g rated Hall of Fame Music FAILS puns - 5949323008
By JuanSmith

Taking "Corporate Rock" to a Whole New Level

comics puns - 7153476096
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Music puns funny - 7470712576
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It Sure Can

Music star wars puns funny - 7586784256
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I C Wat U Did Thur

puns will smith - 7367989248
By Unknown
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