Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Classic Pun

puns johann sebastian bach g rated Music - 7965963264
By Unknown

Probably Good Enough to Play Bass in Any '80s Band

puns facebook fan bass Music FAILS g rated - 7035331328
By Unknown

Actually, We're Just Fans of Fans

metal Music puns fans funny - 7559211008
By abyssquick

Knock Knock...

puns snoop dogg Music FAILS g rated - 7074544384
By Unknown

Can You Even Handel It?

Bach classical handel puns - 6507931904
By Unknown

I C Wat U Did Thur

puns will smith - 7367989248
By Unknown

I Thought 'Roar' Was a Katy Perry Song

costume Music puns - 7927006208
By Unknown

It Sure Can

Music star wars puns funny - 7586784256
Via punpocalypse

I Thought That Was a Song by Europe, Not T-Rex

journey puns Music FAILS g rated - 7401690368
By Unknown


classical music johann sebastian bach puns - 7257137920
By EternalMind

Music FAILS: These Puns B Sharp

classical facebook g rated Hall of Fame Music FAILS puns - 5949323008
By JuanSmith

Who Turned Out the Lights?

puns cee lo - 7367985664
By Unknown

Rolling in the Sheep

gif Music adele puns funny - 7514397440
Via timmytiberiusturner

Meat the Beetles

the Beatles abbey road puns - 6930080768
By Unknown

Vince Neil? Is That You?

puns heavy metal - 7064117248
By Unknown

Someone Know's How to Rock 'n Roll Around the Christmas Tree

christmas puns KISS Music - 7952134144
By Unknown