So Is My Cat

child g rated Music FAILS parenting - 6324414976
By shkinnyburger

Good Parenting

animal collective indie Neutral Milk Hotel parenting queen - 6241110272
By Unknown

What Your Dad's Favorite Music Says About You

dad Hall of Fame parenting - 6101096960
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drinking drunk parenting remix Video - 35641345

Remix of a Disturbing Drunken Phone Call

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That's Mr. Mathers to You, Kid

Music parenting eminem funny monday thru friday g rated - 7611104768
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child dancing parenting toddler Video will smith - 34480129

Getting Mini With It

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beastie boys parenting rap Video - 37023745

Parents in the '80s Who Were Terrified of the Beastie Boys

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Music FAILS: System of Tourettes

chop suey comic Hall of Fame Music FAILS parenting Rage Comics system of a down - 5976367104
By Unknown

A Slacker Punk Rocker in the Making

ecard hardcore parenting punk - 6213405184
By Unknown
child drums kid parenting Video - 34874369

One-Year-Old Proves That Rhythm Is Something You're Born With

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Remember When YOUR Dad Was a Beatle?

john lennon parenting the Beatles yoko ono - 5916500480
By Unknown
Music parody parenting Video - 79186689

When a Boy Band Grows Up They Become a Dad Band, Right?

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Everyone Has to Start Somewhere

kids kanye west Music parenting - 7983187200
By Unknown

Work Hard, Mosh Hard

child kid mosh moshing parenting - 6048867840
By Unknown
concert live metallica parenting Video - 34705153

Setlist: Seek and Destroy First, Then Happy Birthday

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cello classical parenting rap - 6035055360
Via Kate Beaton
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